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‘San Bernardino’ echoes in Supreme Court in Lal Masjid case proceedings

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ISLAMABAD: Umme Hasaan, the head of Lal Masjid’s Jamia Hafsa girl seminary, hotly denied to the Supreme Court on Thursday that she ever had any association with the Pakistan-origin Tashfeen Malik linked to the recent terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, much less have her as a student. She appeared even more combative when she declared […]

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Media and the resilient truth

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THE current predicament of two TV personalities in the US underscores how the media as well as perceptions of it are changing among many viewers — even among the media’s own practitioners. Prime time TV anchor Brian Williams is currently serving out a six-month suspension from NBC for wrongly claiming he was in a helicopter […]

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Man knocks at apex court’s door to get daughter back from Jamia Hafsa

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ISLAMABAD: The man who alleged that his daughter is being held in Jamia Hafsa, the women’s seminary in Lal Masjid, filed an appeal with the Human Rights Cell of the Supreme Court on Monday in hopes of having his daughter recovered. Abdul Qayyum’s lawyer Muhammad Haider Imtiaz told Dawn that Mr Qayyum has requested the […]

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Jibran Nasir — the alpha activist?

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ISLAMABAD: “The day after the Peshawar attack, Jibran and I were at a candlelight vigil in Jinnah Super Market. There, he announced that he wanted to do the same outside the Lal Masjid, as a response to the divisive statement issued by the cleric Abdul Aziz, who had refused to condemn the attack on Army […]

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On television

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These days it’s all about the money, particularly for our television media. Anchors regularly hop from one channel to another—imagine Christiane Amanpour skipping from CNN to BBC to Al Jazeera! Most channels will do whatever it takes to get people watching. Newsreaders rattle off their hourly updates with the speed of a bullet train, their […]

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