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Labyrinth of Reflections launched

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KARACHI: While writers’ efforts can get translated to reach a wider audience, visual artists have to speak in a language understood all over the world, said Rashid Rana at the launch of ‘Labyrinth of Reflections – the Art of Rashid Rana 1992-2012’ at the Mohatta Palace Museum on Tuesday evening. In that context, Mr Rana […]

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Labyrinth of reflections opens at Mohatta Palace

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KARACHI: The much awaited and highly anticipated exhibition ‘Labyrinth of reflections: the art of Rashid Rana 1992 – 2012’ opened at the Mohatta Palace Museum on Sunday. Expected to run for 12 months, ‘Labyrinth of reflections’ showcases Rana’s works from the past two decades, his growth as a painter in the early days to becoming […]

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