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Kashmir barrier that is endangering wildlife

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A double row of fence and tangled concertina wire curves like a Frankenstein stitch across the Kashmir frontier, blocking anything that might try to cross one of the world’s most dangerous flashpoints ? including, environmentalists say, migrating wildlife. Built in 2007 by India, the impenetrable barrier scarring hundreds of kilometres of snowy forests has obstructed […]

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The map shown by all; certain people zero in on Geo

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ISLAMABAD: The map of the Jammu and Kashmir region has always been subject to errors – and these errors are mostly, if not always, unintentional, clerical mistakes and not part of a “greater agenda” as some quarters in the media are continuously propagating, said Shahzeb Khanzada in his programme on Geo News on Monday night. […]

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Radio Pakistan: then and now

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Village life used to be very simple and sweet. Farmers would share their views with one another in a hujra or some other common place after toiling all day in the fields. The only window open to them to learn what was going on in the world outside happened to be the noble and honest […]

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