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Role of media crucial to create awareness, moot told

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Karachi: Speakers at a seminar said on Monday the role the media in Pakistan was playing for raising awareness was considered crucial to educating the people about the concept of sustainable transportation. The seminar was organised under the Pakistan Sustainable Transport (Pakstran) Project here. It aimed at effectively engaging the media to report on social […]

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Eco-Jihad: Planting Trees For Paradise

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ISLAMABAD: In the mid-90s, when the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Pakistan was conducting projects related to environmental rehabilitation and natural resource management in Kohistan and parts of Balochistan, the organisation faced opposition from local communities. “The society in those areas was very religious and sceptical of our work, so we tried to […]

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Encroachment, deforestation eat up Chhor forest land

UMERKOT: Encroachment and deforestation over the years has reduced the Chhor reserve forest, which used to cover an area of 3,000 acres, to a mere fraction of its original size. Declared as a protected site by the British government in 1927, the forest contained five of the seven arid-zone plants in the red list released […]

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Trouble downstream: ‘Indus Delta’s ecology is being harmed by reduced flows’

By: Waqas Naeem ISLAMABAD: Until the late 19th century, the Indus Delta boasted of a thick mangrove plantation. The forests in the delta were so lush that there were even reports of an ‘Indus Tiger’ on the prowl within its recesses. This description provided by Tahir Qureshi, a senior adviser at the International Union for […]

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