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Sindh Fashion Festival dazzles all

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KARACHI: Be a part of the innovation, ideas and passion for culture. Be a part of Sindh Festival. That was the spirit for Sindh Fashion Festival as Karachiites witnessed a unique fashion show, which offered glimpses of Indus cultural trends at the ongoing Sindh festival at National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) on Wednesday. The […]

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Sindh’s culture is not limited to ajrak, topi, screams the art festival

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KARACHI: When Sameera Raja was asked to organise an art exhibition as part of the Sindh Festival, she was ecstatic about the idea. What thrilled her most was the thought of making art available for people on such a grand public forum. Her only condition to the organisers was this: the exhibition would display works […]

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A show of colours to revive the ‘dead’ civilisation

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Instead of usual dusty plains, the Mound of the Dead was a palette of red, green and purple hues. At the world heritage site of Mohenjodaro, around 600 people, mostly ministers, diplomats and journalists, witnessed the sights and sounds of the long lost Indus Valley civilisation on February 1. Amid the sounds and lights, the […]

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Exhibition on Indus Civilisation kicks off at Lahore Museum

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LAHORE: To celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan, the Lahore Museum arranged a special exhibition titled “Belief and Identity” about the cultural, historic roots of Pakistan. History related photos, paintings and some of the installations depicting building structures in an artistic way were exhibited in a stylish manner. A young artist, Mazhar Naveed, a graduate […]

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