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New application launched to facilitate motorway users

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Communication Murad Saeed has said the government is taking steps to depoliticise institutions to improve their governance. Addressing the launching ceremony of Humsafar, a smartphone application, on Wednesday he said with the use of the application National Highways and Motorway Police would be able to respond quickly and serve the […]

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Humsafar was rejected by two TV channels

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KARACHI: The iconic drama serial Humsafar was rejected by two television channels. When I read the script I felt the story and thought the public would feel it too. This was said by renowned young TV producer and writer Momina Duraid during the first DAWN talks series programme organised by the Dawn Media Group at […]

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Importance of media campaigns highlighted

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LAHORE: In a session on the media at Marcon 2014, speakers highlighted the importance of media campaigns in the success or failure of films and TV dramas. Samit Tandon from India attributed a recent success of three Indian blockbusters to hype created about the films through media campaigns. He said a film drew crowed on […]

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Playing upon female misery

By Amel Ghani The re-emergence of television plays has coincided with depiction of women in a conformist mode, a patriarchal culture, and maintenance of the status quo A female figure with her bowed head covered in a dupatta, crying silent tears of anguish and misery, has become a common feature of Pakistani drama. While the […]

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