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Human Rights Defenders Coalition: Rights organisations join hands to confront threats

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HYDERABAD: Threatened by the killings of a number of rights activists in the country in the last three years, representatives of rights and advocacy-based non-profit organisations have joined hands to form the Human Rights Defenders Coalition. Following a consultative meeting attended by over three dozen representatives, a 12-member interim committee was formed to strengthen the […]

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan demands swift recovery of abducted NGO workers

LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has condemned Thursday’s abduction of four volunteers working with an NGO in Karachi, and urged the government to act swiftly to secure their release. In a statement issued on Friday, the commission said, “The HRCP strongly condemns the abduction from Maripur, Karachi, of four NGO workers and […]

Security forces allowing extremists to attack minorities: Human Rights Watch

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ISLAMABAD: The Human Rights Watch has accused the government of having failed to act against abuses committed by security and intelligence agencies which are letting extremist groups to attack religious minorities. “The authorities did little to address attacks against journalists and human rights defenders, and committed serious abuses in counter-terrorism operations,” the HRW said in […]