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Pak cyber security and cyber crime

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The present era has now become dependent of IT based facilities. It is an amazing fast and continuous development in multidimensional communication both in audio and video. The international community has become highly dependent of this new technology but at the same time the criminals have also invented the faster technique of hacking to commit […]

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UK online snooping against Pakistan ‘alarming’

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ISLAMABAD: Digital rights activists and lawmakers appear equally concerned by recent claims that Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) gained access to Pakistan’s Internet Exchange under its computer network exploitation (CNE) — or hacking — operations. The revelations, made by journalists Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman in a recent article for The Intercept, indicate that by […]

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Internet applications transform economy

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LAHORE: Internet applications have transformed the economy through the use of sensors, which collect and transmit accurate information in real time, said analysts on Wednesday. “The information is used to improve products, services and operations,” said IT expert Saad Bin Tahir. He added that a more common and earliest use is in energy optimisation. Power […]

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Experts suggest formation of CCU for tackling cyber crimes

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ISLAMABAD: A Tanzanian delegation suggested on Tuesday that Pakistan should launch an initiative for tackling cyber crimes by establishing cyber crime unit (CCU) in the police force, develop relevant legislation and formulate computer emergency response team (CERT) for facilitating the implementation. This was briefed at a workshop organised by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural […]

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Hack and crack: Cyber crimes and the monetary losses inflicted

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By: Farrukh Zafar KARACHI: What if I tell you that your mobile SIM can be duplicated and used by another person for different motives, without you getting to know about it, let alone your approval? I know it’s illegal, but it’s happening. Now think beyond the misuse of your phone number, the possible impersonation itself. […]

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Cyber strikes

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Pakistan may have one of the largest armies in the world but those men and machines are going to be of little use in a conflict that could erupt at any time — and has the potential to cause serious damage if it does. The chairman of the Senate Defence Committee last Wednesday warned that […]

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The News, Jang websites resume operation

By: Tariq Ahmed Saeedi KARACHI: KARACHI: After a 6-hour downtime caused by hacking of PKNIC servers, the websites of The News and Jang became available to visitors on Monday afternoon. The websites were among those with .pk domains attacked by the group of hackers Pakbugs, which has a track record of launching cyber attacks in […]

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