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Police, security forces use torture with impunity in Pakistan, says AI

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KARACHI: The word ‘torture’ does not appear in the Pakistan Penal Code, even though Section 348 alludes to it as it points to “wrongful confinement to extort confession”. But what if the confinement is not wrongful and what about the (torturous) means used? Regarding that, the law is silent. Pakistan was one of the many […]

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Torture rife across Asia, says Amnesty

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LONDON: Amnesty International (AI) has said that torture is rife across the Asia-Pacific region, with China and North Korea among the worst offenders and a host of other governments, including Pakistan and India, betraying promises to stamp it out. At the launch of Amnesty International’s global campaign, ‘Stop Torture’, on Monday, the human rights organisation […]

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