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Girls’ education stressed for reproductive health

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KARACHI: “Girls in our village are now educated and trained on a number of matters which, though so basic to life, were never addressed by their parents. These issues are related to our bodies, reproductive health, women’s rights and gender,” said on Tuesday a participant in a programme held to share the experiences of a […]

Project launched to strengthen women help centres

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KARACHI: Speakers at the launch of a project have said that only a close coordination between civil society organisations and government departments, including police and Citizens-Police Liaison Committee, can ensure protection to women against harassment and distress in urban and rural areas of Sindh. The ceremony was organised on Thursday by the women development department […]

Literary fest to bring together eminent women authors

By Xari Jalil LAHORE: The Lahore Literary Festival, Feb 23-24, will bring together some of the most eminent women scholars, poets and writers. Some of these women have strode into the world of literature with some of the biggest contributions that continue to be translated and sold worldwide such as works of Bapsi Sidhwa. From […]

Rape of minor Hindu girl taken up with Sindh CM

Usman Manzoor ISLAMABAD: After waiting and seeing that no government official has taken the issue of alleged rape of a six-year-old Hindu girl in Sindh seriously, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Human Rights has tried to shake the conscience of the rulers who are duty-bound to give protection to each citizen irrespective of […]