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The chasm between ‘free’ and ‘hate’ speech

KARACHI: In the wake of the recent scourge of terrorism in Paris, which left 12 people dead, including the editor and prominent cartoonists of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, netizens have harked back to the debate of what constitutes ‘free’ and ‘hate’ speech. Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is among those who took to Facebook to […]

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Facebook apologises, says removal of Hamza Ali Abbasi status was mistake

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CEO and Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg on Monday said his social network’s removal of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi’s status regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack and freedom of expression may have been a mistake. When asked by one profile Angelic Munni what Zuckerberg has to say about his network’s deletion of Hamza’s post, Mark Zuckerberg […]

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Journalists stage walkout against proposed law

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ISLAMABAD: Journalists covering Senate proceedings on Wednesday walked out of its press gallery against a proposed law described as a move to curb freedom of speech while reporting the proceedings of parliament. The bill titled Members of the Parliament (Power, Immunities and Privileges) Bill, 2014, was tabled in the Senate by PPP’s Senator Farhatullah Babar […]

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Ruling the airwaves

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A few days ago, the BBC Urdu website carried an interesting news report that gave details of the number of exclusive interviews of various front-line politicians carried by Pakistan’s 24/7 private news channels over nearly a 10-month period – prior to the August 14 ‘revolutionary’ and ‘freedom’ marches and sit-ins by PTI and the PAT […]

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Freedom of speech

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THERE is no denying the fact that the free media has made a valuable contribution to society by creating political awareness among the masses, empowering them to use their freedom of speech. I feel, there should be proper legislation to protect this freedom of speech and a remedy available if someone abuses this freedom. Pakistan’s […]

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PM Nawaz urges media for self-regulation

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LAHORE: With the country celebrating Independence Day, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif during his address to the nation requested the media houses for self-regulation and reviewing their role in the present political scenario. The PM’s request should be taken seriously for the sake of a healthy state of mind and promotion of democracy in Pakistan. […]

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Social media — a war of opinions

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“There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press” — Mark Twain. In the context of today’s online media, the above 18th century author would be bewildered to find out that everyone now holds the power of information by just […]

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We need to survive the digital age

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In the United States, everyone — from a school girl to Lady Gaga, from a young boy to President Barack Obama — posts stories from their lives on social media outlets. Even the Central Intelligence Agency, one of the world’s top spy agencies, got itself a Twitter account recently. But Pakistanis can only dream about […]

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Conflict of interest in the media

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Seriously, how can someone claim to conduct a ‘neutral’ political talk show when he is an active member of a political party? It is like having an umpire in cricket who plays for the opposing team. Surprised by this notion of neutrality, if you raise an objection, do you know what they are going to […]

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Journalists pledge to continue protests

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ISLAMABAD: Despite continuous rain in many cities of the country, journalists on Wednesday continued their protest sit-ins in front of press clubs across the country, vowing not to stop their movement unless the government takes steps to eliminate the no-go areas for news channels and rectify the affairs of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority […]

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PEMRA Strikes Again

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It is never a good sign for freedom of speech when those meant to uphold and defend it consciously campaign in favour of arbitrary censorship for the sake of business interests and petty enmity. Media houses have only themselves to blame for the position they now find themselves in; vulnerable in the face of a […]

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Pakistan’s ISI accused of subverting media freedom

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Media freedom is under attack in Pakistan, declared Hamid Mir, one of Pakistan’s most prominent journalists. He had six bullets pumped into him by bike riders in Karachi on 19 April. TV anchor, Raza Rumi, was similarly attacked in Lahore in late March. In May 2011, investigative reporter Saleem Shahzad was murdered following his allegations […]

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All eyes are on Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). No matter how incompetent or troubled it may be, the authority remains responsible for dealing with issues related to the electronic media such as the one making headlines these days. During this tug of war between the country’s biggest media house and the Inter-Services Intelligence […]

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Fact of the matter

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The ongoing saga between Jang Group and the ISI, in which the entire nation – from the Mullahs, to the media anchors, to the politicians, to the judiciary, and even the mango people – is now engulfed, is more than simply about Hamid Mir’s allegations regarding the assassination attempt. The tentacles of this drama of […]

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