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Draft law pledges ‘unadulterated’ right to know

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Intikhab Hanif LAHORE: The draft of the Freedom of the Information Act the provincial cabinet had approved on Monday is an altogether different version of the original document. Thankfully, it denies what the provincial bureaucracy wanted it to be and allows people to adequately know what the government is doing or not doing for them. […]

Freedom of expression and democracy

By: Malik Muhammad Ashraf Our nation has suffered enough at the hands of self-styled saviours and proponents of unconstitutional remedies to fix the maladies afflicting the system John Wilkes, a radical and popular politician of London, a journalist and pioneer of freedom of the press in Britain during the 18th century, writing in the first […]

To be a journalist in Pakistan

By: Samira Shackle It is sometimes a surprise to outsiders — expecting censorship and oppression — that Pakistan has such a free and vibrant media. Speaking in 2010, the political theorist Noam Chomsky remarked that Pakistan’s media was less censored than in neighbouring India, generally described as the world’s largest democracy. “In Pakistan, I listened […]

YouTube ban

By: Mehar-un-nisa I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to an issue faced by a large number of students. Since we use content analysis as a methodology during our research, we need to access different websites for content. YouTube is preferred over other websites for this purpose. The YouTube ban has […]

PPF Protests blocking of an online newspaper

Pakistan Press Foundation has expressed concern over the blocking of the El Diario de Cuba, an online newspaper, starting from January 14, 2013 in Venezuela. Quoting information from Freedom House, PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali in a letter to the President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, by Monday an access problem had fallen sharply […]

Zardari takes pride in upholding media freedom

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By: Shoaib A Raja Kaira reaffirms commitment to freedom of expression ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday took pride in upholding media freedoms and showing tolerance for dissent. He said, “We have extended the hand of friendship to all political forces, to the media and all stakeholders as well and we feel satisfied that […]