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Published Photographs Lead to Death Threats in Pakistan

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With the rise of extremist movements around the world, journalists have become prime targets in a war of communication both in the field and back at home, once their images have been published, as photographer Alixandra Fazzina learned this week. After five years of working in Pakistan documenting the intimate daily lives of women and […]

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Expulsion of journalists

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THE expulsion order handed out to the two Indian journalists in Pakistan, Snehesh Alex Philip and Meena Menon, earlier this week hardly reflects well on either journalistic freedoms in Pakistan, or the latter’s respect for the Fourth Estate. Working with the Press Trust of India and The Hindu newspaper respectively, both were first curtly told […]

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Concern over expulsion of newsman

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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoIB) has expressed concerns over the failure of the interior ministry to seek its endorsement while issuing visas to foreign journalists, granting extensions to them and cancelling them. The MoIB has taken up the issue with the interior ministry in the wake of expulsion of Declan Walsh, the […]

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