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Remembering the lost days of Pakistani cinema

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Karaachi: The Pakistani cinema has produced some classics which can never be forgotten anyone interested in filmmaking. The golden era of our cinema has left indelible impressions and we must pay tribute to legends of the industry who dedicated their lives to make establish it and caused it to flourish. Veteran actor Talat Husain presented […]

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Journey of films: the bygone days

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KARACHI: These days there’s so much talk about revival of the Pakistan film industry. For some, it did not go anywhere. It is right here, somewhat ignored, in the form of colourful, gaudy posters and photographs, reminding us of a film fraternity that once took immense pride in its extravagant form of filmmaking. Guddu Khan […]

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Farooq Mengal goes from dramas to film

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By: Sher Khan LAHORE: After being closely associated with the Pakistani drama industry for the past few years, producer-director Farooq Mengal has now decided to steer the wheel into another direction and shoot a feature film. Titled Hijrat, the Quetta-based director’s debut film is about a love triangle with a backdrop of human rights issues. […]

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