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Literary Notes: A kaleidoscope of memorable characters in Urdu novels

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Urdu novel has come of age. Beginning with Moulvi Nazir Ahmed Dehlvi’s Mirat-ul-aroos (1869), this long journey has taken about 145 years. But the impact of English novel on the development of Urdu novel cannot be denied and our earliest novelists were indeed much influenced by English literature and English novel. Nazir Ahmed Dehlvi, often […]

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Literary Notes: Urdu literature in 2015: research and criticism take centre stage

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IT is generally perceived that Pakistan’s cultural and political environment is more conducive to produce Urdu’s imaginative and creative writings — such as fiction, poetry and satire — and Indian Urdu writers, on the other hand, have come up with some remarkably fine pieces of research and critical works. But the recent trends do not […]

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