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Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio hits Karachi

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By Saadia Qamar KARACHI: As we entered Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio, the ambiance was such that it made you feel like a Wazir in attendance from the Mughal era. The studio was set with a couch and a large sofa, with a large chandelier on each side. Images from his shoots adorned the walls and […]

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Pakistanis turn to cinemas to heal crises hangover

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By: Saira Agha Many of a common man’s success stories begin whilst taking an inspiration from a movie. If not that, watching a movie is sure to drown out a person’s sorrow, lethal predicaments, troublesome lives if only for three hours. I remember watching Chuck Russell’s ‘The Mask’, while going through a very trying period […]

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Revival of Pakistani cinema

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Sir: It is a truth widely acknowledged that the once-thriving Pakistani film industry is now dead. The reasons behind this slow demise include the introduction of in-home entertainment, cable television, market competition from Bollywood and, finally, the Islamisation drive by General Ziaul Haq. The industry, which once boasted more than 700 cinemas, now has just […]

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Anniversary: Radio Bahawalpur turns 38

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BAHAWALPUR: Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur has done the region great service by promoting and preserving the rich heritage, traditions, music and literature of Cholistan and the Seraiki belt, Education and Training Minister Muhammad Baleeghur Rehman said at a ceremony held to mark the radio station’s 38th anniversary on Monday. He said that the station had also […]

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Another addition in Geo network “Geo Kahani”

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“Geo Kahani” is a new channel committed to excellence. The breaking news is “AAG TV” which was launched, about seven years back is going to take the shape of a new channel “Geo Kahani”. The channel replacement took place to adhere to the latest demands of public and information technology. It is a good sign […]

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