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Eloquent Madness under way at Alliance

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KARACHI: Can madness be eloquent? According to a Shakespearean character, Polonius, from the play Hamlet, madness can have a method to it. That’s the idea the New York-born French-Italian artist Peter D Bove seems to espouse through his formidable body of work. An exhibition of his paintings and drawings titled Eloquent Madness opened at the […]

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Youth arts festival round the corner

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LAHORE: The Youth Performing Arts Festival is set to bring together diverse groups of artistes from in and around Lahore for a four-day long event (Oct 16-19). The 13th Youth Performing Arts festival — the hallmark of Lahore’s cultural calendar, this year has been moved to the Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qadhafi Stadium from its traditional […]

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