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Digital media and its impacts

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Sir: The media is a source of entertainment, news, sports and education. Whatever media portrays, affects and changes lives. Digital media affects human perception, understanding, feelings and cultural values. Everyone can easily access the media these days. It is true that media plays a powerful role in society and has changed it beyond the reach […]

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Digital media still unexplored in Pakistan

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KARACHI: Entrepreneurs should start treating the digital arena as a strategic component of their businesses rather than an extension thereof, said Fazal Ashfaq, CEO of B Solutions, a Lahore-based digital advertising agency, while speaking to The Express Tribune on Wednesday. Despite rapid rate of growth in digital ad spends, its share in Pakistan’s total ad […]

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Digital media report launched

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ISLAMABAD: A report on mapping digital media on Friday documented ups and downs the Pakistani media faced in the last decade when it grew from one State run TV channel to over 100 today. Launched by the Open Society Foundation in collaboration with a local NGO, Mishal, the report titled Mapping Digital Media Pakistan touched […]

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Havas Media Group created

Havas announced another step forward with its integration strategy to underscore its simple and agile structure. The newly created ‘Havas Media Group’ will include all of Havas’s media agencies, consisting of Havas Media (operating in 126 markets), within which its media brand MPG and its digital brand media contacts will be fully incorporated and rebranded, […]

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Symmetry Group: Digital media company wins regional award

KARACHI: “Winning the ‘South Asia Digital Media of the Year Award’ will lead Pakistan to the international advertising scene in the future,” CEO and co-founder of the Symmetry Group, Sarosh Ahmed told a gathering of select journalists in press event on Wednesday. Sharing details of the group’s performance in the Campaign South Asia Awards 2012 […]

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