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Plastic pollution and Naya Pakistan

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There are things that can be done, and must be done without wasting any time. The politics, policy of change and its mechanics are neither difficult to comprehend, nor require much of the resources in many areas of national life. Some of the most critical resources required for change are intellectuals, ideas, political will, direction […]

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The minefield that is human rights

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The human rights ministry was not given much attention or focus in the past and other ministries poached on its domain with impunity. When the PM made me the minister in charge of this ministry, it was assumed it was a sign of being sidelined from the mainstream, especially in the issue-areas I had spent […]

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Promotion of democratic models urged to protect freedom of expression

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KARACHI: A global commission has urged world leaders to take action to promote democratic models that protect the exercise of freedom of expression and opinion while respecting the principles of pluralism, freedom, dignity and tolerance, and the ideal of reason and knowledge. According to a press release issued by the Ethical Journalism Network on Monday, […]

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