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Trained war correspondents

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Pakistan has been at war now for almost 35 years at a stretch. It all began with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan around 1979-80. A call went around the so-called Islamic world for recruits for jihad against the infidel Soviets. Our religio-political parties, led by the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, not only answered this […]

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PPF Training Workshop For Journalists

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The world focus journalists safety in Pakistan. Islamabad, January 14, 2015; Since Pakistan has become the most dangerous country for journalists, the whole world is focusing it in regards of safety. There are more resources but the stakeholders are on backseat. Press clubs and unions should assess their responsibilities and present their demands to the […]

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Hard country for media

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AS the year drew to a close, there was yet another reminder of the dangers that stalk those whose profession demands that the truth be told. On Wednesday, the International Federation of Journalists released its 24th annual list of journalists and other media persons who have died in work-related targeted or crossfire incidents, showing that […]

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Journalist’s family remembers him at first death anniversary

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KARACHI: As the world celebrates the advent of the new year, the family members of journalist Shan Dahar are still trying to come to terms with his death at the hands of alleged gangsters on the same night, last year. For Dahar’s children, New Year festivities have been permanently marred for the rest of their […]

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A dangerous profession

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Sir: Journalism has become one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Latest reports indicate that close to a dozen international journalists and reporters are in lock up in Egypt, sparking protests for their release. On top of that, Pakistan has been at the top of most dangerous places to be a journalist for […]

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