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Hard country for media

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AS the year drew to a close, there was yet another reminder of the dangers that stalk those whose profession demands that the truth be told. On Wednesday, the International Federation of Journalists released its 24th annual list of journalists and other media persons who have died in work-related targeted or crossfire incidents, showing that […]

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Sixty-one journalists, support staff killed in first half of 2014

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Ukraine was the most dangerous country for journalists in the first six months of 2014 with seven members of the news media killed, according to the International News Safety Institute’s biannual survey of news media casualties, Killing the Messenger. This was Ukraine’s first time in the top five since INSI began keeping casualty records over […]

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Pakistan most dangerous country for journalists: UN

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UNITED NATIONS: “An open and pluralistic media” must work in a safe environment without fear of reprisal, the United Nations said on Saturday in observance of the World Press Freedom Day. The world body said last year 71 journalists were killed, while another 826 were arrested. More than 2,000 journalists were threatened or physically attacked […]

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When a war zone is home

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Pakistan has the third-highest casualty rate for journalists, and all of those killed this year were locals Four or five years ago, long before it occurred to me to visit a war zone, I heard Anderson Cooper give some career advice. He had just finished a talk in which he had described how, after graduating […]

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