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Cyber crime: Role of regulators and government

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Cyber crime is a reality that is exceeding with mushrooming fintech (financial technology) and increasing integration/intra-operability. Various 2018 predictions about the merging of cyber and traditional financial crimes may actually prove too conservative, as in the recent past. Cyber attacks and cyber crimes will continue to grow. The nexus between this activity and money laundering/terrorist […]

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Government not prepared to handle cyber threats: experts

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ISLAMABAD: Calling for urgent steps for legislation on cyber security, experts on Tuesday warned that the government was not adequately prepared to deal with cyber threats. Speaking at a seminar ‘Security in Cyber Space: Implications and Challenges’, experts said legislation and a well-defined policy on cyber security was needed to decide on the steps the […]

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Cabinet to approve bill on national Cyber Crimes Policy soon

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ISLAMABAD: The government informed the Senate on Monday that the bill on national policy on cyber crimes was ready and will be presented to the cabinet for approval in next few days. Opposition senators said cyber crimes threatened national security and called for a comprehensive policy and establishment of a full-fledged division to combat cyber […]

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Cyber crime

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Sir: The recent revelations about the US hacking sensitive computer data and emails of its allies including Pakistan has raised concerns across the board. In the backdrop of this development, the Pakistan National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) on September 26, 2013 issued guidelines to all the government officials on how to protect […]

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Pakistan takes steps to protect itself from NSA-style cyber attacks

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KARACHI: In view of the recent wave of stealing of sensitive official data by US National Security Agency (NSA), the National Telecom & Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) has framed guidelines/ techniques for protecting government business from possible hacking and cyber attacks. “Recent wave of stealing the sensitive official data by US NSA has raised […]

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Talks with India on cyber security urged

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ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Defence has said that Pakistan and India should initiate a dialogue for a regional agreement to prevent cyber attacks in South Asia. “If Pakistan and India can have an agreement not to attack nuclear installations, then why not an agreement seeking the prevention of cyber warfare against each other,” […]

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Cyber attacks

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Anybody under the misapprehension that cyber attacks, state-to-state, are little more than childish pranks needs an urgent re-think. Cyber attacks are developing into key weapons of modern warfare and may define who wins and who loses in the context of future conflicts. The recent tit for tat cyber attacks on Pakistani and Indian electoral websites […]

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ECP shuts down website after cyber attacks ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to shift its website to another server after cyber attacks continued on the second day. The ECP stated that despite second cyber attack, all data was safe and the website has been temporarily closed as a preventative measure. The […]

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‘pk’ domain under threat: PKNIC remains at risk of cyber attacks

KARACHI: Hacked twice in the last three months, PKNIC – a shared registry system that manages the .pk domain name space (DNS) for Pakistani websites – remains vulnerable to basic-level cyber attacks. Though the company has thwarted the recent attack, it is still investigating the security breach. PKNIC, which hosts 23,000 users of the .pk […]

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The News, Jang websites resume operation

By: Tariq Ahmed Saeedi KARACHI: KARACHI: After a 6-hour downtime caused by hacking of PKNIC servers, the websites of The News and Jang became available to visitors on Monday afternoon. The websites were among those with .pk domains attacked by the group of hackers Pakbugs, which has a track record of launching cyber attacks in […]

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