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Pak cyber security and cyber crime

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The present era has now become dependent of IT based facilities. It is an amazing fast and continuous development in multidimensional communication both in audio and video. The international community has become highly dependent of this new technology but at the same time the criminals have also invented the faster technique of hacking to commit […]

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Cyber attacks against govt expose fatal cracks in Pakistan’s digital fence

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ISLAMABAD: While the government focuses on fighting terrorism and extremism under the National Action Plan (NAP), another threat seems to be looming on the horizon: cyber warfare. Sources have told Dawn that government assets are now increasingly coming under attack from hackers and subversive elements that may be looking to steal sensitive information or intercept […]

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LHC’s hacked website restored

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LAHORE: The Lahore High Court’s information technology department took an hour on Tuesday to restore its website which had been hacked by an Indian hacker. The hacker named “Sahoo” left a warning on the website for Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, asking him to stop issuing statements about Kashmir because it belonged to […]

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Censorship is like a talkshow

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Censorship is like a talkshow – people don’t get to finish what they are saying, but you’re not sure if that’s bad for democracy,” an emerging young leader told a group of reporters. He was among the thousands of civil society activists, artists, and admirers of the great poets Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib, […]

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Hackistan: Afghan cyber guerrillas step up attacks on Pakistani websites

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KABUL: The latest weapon fired in the cross-border conflict that has strained relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan was delivered with the click of a mouse, capable only of wounding pride. In the past few days, a hacker group calling itself the Afghan Cyber Army has defaced roughly 300 Pakistani government and business websites with nationalistic […]

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Cyber strikes

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Pakistan may have one of the largest armies in the world but those men and machines are going to be of little use in a conflict that could erupt at any time — and has the potential to cause serious damage if it does. The chairman of the Senate Defence Committee last Wednesday warned that […]

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ECP website defaced by Indian hacker

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By Farooq Baloch The cyber attack on ECP’s website is being discussed across various internet forums with people complaining about being unable to visit the site. KARACHI / ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan’s website was reportedly attacked by an Indian hacker on Friday. The website is currently down. The attacker has defaced the home […]

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