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Mixed media reaction to attack on Paris weekly

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LAHORE: World media outlets give mixed reaction to attack on Paris weekly last week. BBC writes: “Three million copies of Wednesday’s edition are being printed. Normally only 60,000 are available each week. ” Prestigious international media houses like the Reuters, Bloomberg and Fox News etc have also reported that up to three million copies of […]

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On television

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These days it’s all about the money, particularly for our television media. Anchors regularly hop from one channel to another—imagine Christiane Amanpour skipping from CNN to BBC to Al Jazeera! Most channels will do whatever it takes to get people watching. Newsreaders rattle off their hourly updates with the speed of a bullet train, their […]

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The Pakistani media: Too competitive for its own good?

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Karachi: The cut-throat competitiveness of the Pakistani media does not escape even the eye of those not so familiar with its pretty regular shenanigans. That was the impression Terry Anzur and Linda Roth got when they recently visited the country to conduct a few workshops with local journalists. A Stanford graduate, Anzur has spent nearly […]

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Free media very important for democratic society

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Karachi: For a democratic society to sustain, its media needs to be free, unbiased, positive, objective and transparent in its role, an interactive session was told on Friday. The session was organised on the topic of ‘The Image of the Journalist in Pakistan and the world’ by the US Consulate General for the students of […]

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