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Workshop held on environmental issues

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ISLAMABAD: Raising serious concerns about environmental security of the country, experts at a workshop said that irregular urbanisation and rise of pollution in the urban centres of Pakistan are posing tremendous risks to the environmental security of the country. This was expressed by the experts of a workshop titled “Environment and Climate Change”, which was […]

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Impact of climate change in Pakistan

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People don’t trust the government to help them respond to climate change. With Pakistan becoming increasing vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, like floods and droughts, a recent BBC Climate Asia Report has found that around 72 per cent of people don’t trust the government to help them respond to these challenges. They have […]

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Climate change

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You know when a social issue has ballooned to dangerous levels when box standard macroeconomists start talking about it. Otherwise, why would people, who generally argue about real effective exchange rate, inflation-adjusted terms of trade and what not in their dreams, suddenly start talking about something like climate? Anyhow, its good that they do talk […]

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