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PM wants NAB not to harass civil servants

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday asked civil servants to improve their performance being the ‘backbone’ of the state and said that the bureaucracy should not be harassed by anti-corruption watchdogs. Addressing a delegation of participants in 109th National Management Course from the National School of Public Policy, Mr Khan said: “I have also […]

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Software to break down the wall within the Sindhi language

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HYDERABAD: The Sindhi people, divided by religion and borders, also read their mother-tongue in two different scripts – Arabic and Devanagri. While Indian Sindhis do, to some extent, read the former, the present generation of Sindhis in Pakistan find Devanagri illegible. “Not even a Sindhi language scholar has emerged in Sindh so far who is […]

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