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Rights activists commemorating Taseer’s death attacked

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LAHORE: A group of 10 baton-wielding men attacked a gathering of civil society members who were commemorating Salmaan Taseer’s death anniversary at the Liberty Roundabout on Sunday evening. They snatched and tore up pictures of Taseer and placards the activists were carrying. The men also beat up participants of the vigil. News of the attack […]

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Crackdown on arms dealers, illegal Sims ordered

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LAHORE: The CIA police have been directed to immediately launch a crackdown on illegal arms dealers to eradicate illegal weapons from the city. It has also been tasked with taking indiscriminate action against franchise dealers for issuing mobile phone Sims illegally or without an identity card or on the identity card of other persons. The […]

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Cybercrime – an advancing dark force

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In the past week, the recent scandal of leaked nude photographs of famous celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence has quite literally hogged the information space. Many of us have reacted by dismissively changing the channel or scoffing about how gossip-infused the world has become. However, we fail to recognise that the leakage of these photographs via […]

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Secret agencies, media & the national interest

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PERTH, AUSTRALIA: This is in reference to Orya Maqbool Jan’s article, “Secret agencies, media and the national interest” (May 13). This ‘conspiracy mindset’ and a load of irrelevant, adhoc joinery of various ‘happenings’ to manufacture an argument is very common among the ‘experts’ in Pakistan. Such ‘experts’ always look at one side of the coin […]

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Let’s hear the unheard answers

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani media went berserk last week. ‘Patriotic’ anchors heaped scorn on Geo TV for its remarks about those in an agency held responsible in the wake of an attack on senior anchorperson Hamid Mir. They were furious about the negative portrayal of those in the agency held responsible but oblivious to the growing […]

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‘Culpable negligence, incompetence at all levels of govt’: report

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By: BAQIR SAJJAD SYED ISLAMABAD: The Abbottabad (Osama bin Laden) Commission has concluded that the global terror kingpin’s nine-year-long stay in Pakistan and the May 2011 secret US raid, in which he was killed, were because of “gross incompetence” of the state institutions, but was particularly critical of ISI for being too casual in first […]

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‘New threats likely to crop up’

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By: Asim Yasin ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Defence Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed on Wednesday cautioned of emerging new threats to Pakistan’s security in the absence of cyber laws in Pakistan. “The secrets of Pakistan’s intelligence were in danger due to absence of any cyber security law in the country. We will soon present the cyber […]

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