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From the mastery of fire and crafting of early stone-age tools, to the modern day green technologies, the survival of humans as a species depends upon their ability to innovate and develop new technologies. Throughout history, the strength of nations has been drawn from their knowledge base and their ability to bring it to bear […]

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Growing bonhomie: FO quells Indian media concerns over China ties

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday said its increased engagement with China would contribute towards stability in the region, rejecting concerns being raised in the Indian media about the outcome of recent visit by the Chinese President. “We conduct our relations with other countries on the basis of mutual interests. The Chinese engagement with Pakistan, and in […]

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Nizami urges media to play role in enhancing Pak-China ties

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ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Arif Nizami on Tuesday urged the media from both China and Pakistan to play their due role in enhancing bilateral relations and trade ties. He said this in a meeting with a Chinese trade delegation from Kashghar, an autonomous region here. China has always assisted Pakistan in areas […]

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