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Fossil fuel lobby seen as main threat to meaningful progress at Paris climate talks

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In the early-1950s, when it became widely known that smoking caused cancer, giant tobacco companies formed the Tobacco Industry Research Council (TIRC). Its main goal was to deny the harmful effects of tobacco and confuse the public. The tobacco lobby wormed its way into the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), wreaking havoc and slowing […]

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Anti-smoking campaign: First massive media drive launched

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ISLAMABAD: On Friday, Pakistan launched its first national anti-tobacco mass media campaign to focus on the health harms of tobacco. The campaign features a public service announcement (PSA) called “Tobacco Is Hollowing You Out”, that graphically highlights the many harmful illnesses caused by tobacco use, including lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and oral cancers. The […]

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Comedian Farid Khan dies after long battle with cancer

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KARACHI: Comedian and actor Farid Khan, who died on Saturday, aged 62, after suffering from jaw cancer for 15 years, was a superstar on stage in the late 1980s and early 1990s whose jokes were clean and contained amusing observations about people. He emerged at a time when Moin Akhtar had yet to make his […]

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Senior journalist Ayesha Haroon dies in New York

LAHORE: Senior journalist Ayesha Haroon died of cancer in a New York hospital on Saturday, one of her brothers said. She was 46. Her funeral will take place at a mosque near her home, 78, Haroon Street, Babar Block, New Garden Town, and Lahore on Thursday after Zohar prayer. She will be laid to rest […]

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