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The challenges of a female reporter in Pakistan

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The horrible morning of Sunday, November 22, 2013, the Christian community of Peshawar was targeted by two consecutive suicide blasts at the All Saints Church Kohati, Peshawar. I arrived there within 10 minutes of the incident. The scene in the church was very horrible. The walls and floor were coloured with human blood. Body pieces […]

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‘Breaking News’ at breakneck speed

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When was the last time we saw breaking news on our television channels? Well, we do not have any idea about that because these days every news story has become ‘breaking news’. The concept of breaking news came with the privatization of various channels in Pakistan. I remember that when it was only one channel; […]

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Media responsibility

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Sir: Nowadays, the most significant news in the media and in all the newspapers is about the barbaric incident in which a minor girl was subjected to rape after being abducted outside her house. This incident was followed by half a dozen similar cases, all reported widely in the media, especially on television channels, as […]

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Breaking news: terrorism and news media — II

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Terrorists, news anchors, and media experts share the view that those whose names make the headlines have power Media sometimes do not merely report the horror of terror. They become part of it, adding to the drama. Some scholars speak of the ‘theatre of terror’. At the heart of the theatre metaphor is the audience. […]

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Breaking News: terrorism and the news media — I

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To remain morally neutral and objective towards terrorism and to sympathise with terrorist acts is to betray ethics and morality While terrorism spread inside and outside Pakistan well before 9/11, it became an even more popular weapon since 9/11. Examining reasons, it can be argued that media might be a vector of transmission that can […]

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‘Boom Boom’ journalism

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By: M Bilal Lakhani Inspired by the most entertaining cricket sensation in the country, it appears that most Pakistani journalists want to change the world with every story they report. ‘Go big, or go home’; that’s the mantra that has come to define Pakistan’s media landscape today. This mantra would explain the flood of breaking […]

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