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Cybercrime draft: Prickly issues remain largely unaddressed

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ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology has approved a second draft of the government’s Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015. However, the revised draft seems to lack any substantial changes in the contentious clauses. A review of the original draft shows that while some clauses have been amended, the most controversial ones […]

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CCP to hold ‘Un-silence Pakistan: a tribute to Sabeen Mahmud’ today

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KARACHI: The Concerned Citizens for Peace (CCP) is holding a public gathering today (Saturday) at The Arts Council, Karachi, from 6pm to 9pm to commemorate the late Sabeen Mahmud, founder of PeaceNiche and T2F (The Second Floor), and to pay tribute to the other fallen heroes – journalists, workers, and activists – who have been […]

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Pakistan’s proposed ‘cyber hudood’

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Karachi: Imagine going to jail for sending emails and posting pictures of friends and family without obtaining their ‘permission’. Retweeting a meme you thought was funny. Making a critical comment on the cyber space about a deal made by a country having ‘friendly’ relations with Pakistan. Imagine having all your online activity stored at every […]

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Twitter reverses decision to censor content in Pakistan

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Last month, we harshly criticized Twitter for responding to questionable legal orders from Russia and Pakistan to take down content. We argued that the company that once called itself “the free speech wing of the free speech party” had caved in the midst of corporate expansion. We are therefore pleased to see that Twitter has […]

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Express Media joins Alliance For Access

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KARACHI: Express Media Group joined Alliance For Access, a nationwide coalition of corporations, telecommunication companies, non-profit organisations and academics for open access in Pakistan, on Monday, as part of its efforts to promote free access to information. Alliance For Access, an initiative of Bolo Bhi, a research-focused advocacy group for policy change, is working for […]

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