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Beware of Watchdog: Transparency International — II

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It was the 8th of July, 1996. That global newspaper of record, The New York Times, was running a review in the aftermath of a report that had rattled Islamabad and Benazir Bhutto’s second – and last – government. The writer, Raymond Bonner, was introducing the then three-years old and relatively unknown anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency […]

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Beware of Watchdog: Transparency International — I

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The amazement started around the fall of 2010. The venue was Bangkok. The event was the International Anti-Corruption Conference, the annual Woodstock of whistleblowers and due diligence die-hards. I was there because I had been nominated as a Young Journalist Fellow for Transparency International, the IACC’s host and the world’s most respected and powerful transparency […]

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