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Between life and art

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One of the key differences between writers and visual artists lies in how their creations are received by the audience. No matter how prolific an author, it is possible for the readers to have read all his work. This is not possible in the case of a visual artist; mainly because the works of art […]

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‘Beauty of Imagination’ attracts art lovers

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ISLAMABAD: A photographic exhibition, depicting the glory of sunset by a new artist, Mona Fazal, was held at Rawalpindi Arts Council on Wednesday. The exhibition, titled ‘Beauty of Imagination’, classified into two sections – fantasy and reality. It was inaugurated by National Assembly member Tahira Aurangzeb, who was flanked by Naheed Manzoor and RAC Resident […]

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With ‘steely’ resolve, this iron sculptor fought paralysis to mould his destiny

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KARACHI: When someone says ‘Super Man’, Christopher Reeve, who portrayed the superhero on the big screen, comes to mind. He met an unfortunate accident which left him paralysed. There is another Super Man in Karachi who met the same fate but was determined to carry on. As you walk down the sloping pathway leading to […]

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