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Far from the galleries: Cinema artists keep the art of hand-painting alive

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KARACHI: Amid a few tailors’ shops in a shopping mall that has seen better days, sit two men who have dedicated themselves to keeping the art of hand-painting alive. A stone’s throw away from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, their surroundings are still a far cry from the flash and glitter of […]

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Art from the depths of the heart

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Karachi: For many, art is just a money minting exercise which involves the artists conjuring up situations and transposing them on to the canvas. However, there are those for whom art is a reflection of their innermost feelings; prompted by the gale of the weaker moments in life when one capitulates to temptations and urges, […]

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From ‘Sacrifice’ to ‘Friends’, a potpourri of artworks

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Karachi: By now we all must have got used to the proliferation of art galleries in town involved in a race with each other to hold exhibitions of works and hawk their pricey wares. These shows are a hodgepodge of all forms of art, from classical realism to the most avant-garde abstractism, one where one […]

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Saturday Studio: Karachi’s first walk-in art studio opens its doors to all

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By: Saadia Qamar KARACHI: Artist Laila Odho Premjee’s life has been largely consumed by her “love for art” When she speaks, it shines on her face and glistens in a pair of dark brown eyes, her love for the arts, per se. More than the abstract though, it is the “portraits and figures” that have […]

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An artist’s endeavour to preserve history

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Karachi: The city is dotted with art galleries and there’s hardly a juncture when there aren’t at least three or four exhibitions running concurrently. Some of these, however, come as a whiff of fresh air, in that they are so different from the present-day trend which aims at just abstractism and modernism, requiring of the […]

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Art works across a wide spectrum

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By: Anil Datta Karachi: There’s absolutely no shortage of art galleries in town to cater to the art buffs’ tastes and many of these display stuff which can be pretty weird, in the name of modern art, abstract art, and what not. However, not so with a very refreshingly varied exhibition running currently at the […]

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With ‘steely’ resolve, this iron sculptor fought paralysis to mould his destiny

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KARACHI: When someone says ‘Super Man’, Christopher Reeve, who portrayed the superhero on the big screen, comes to mind. He met an unfortunate accident which left him paralysed. There is another Super Man in Karachi who met the same fate but was determined to carry on. As you walk down the sloping pathway leading to […]

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