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The ‘eastitist’: Ajmal Hussain may be lost but his work lives on

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KARACHI: For some of us, life is often mundane and drab, as if wrapped in a constant shade of grey. For others, it is forever brimming with colours. The late Ajmal Hussain fell into the latter category; as his daughter Samira Hussain-Friggeri summed up, “Even his tears were as bright as a rainbow”. Samira was […]

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Assorted ideas

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KARACHI: History, gender and culture are three subjects that have always influenced the artist community. But influence alone doesn’t become the reason for producing quality art. There has to be a sense of perturbation, a strong urge to scratch beneath the surface, which invariably results in the creation of paintings and sculptures worth looking at […]

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Of time, essence ‘n’ conflict ‘Within and Without’

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By Ahtesham Azhar KARACHI: Full Circle Gallery exhibits ‘Within and Without’ by four emerging artists Annem Zaidi, Dua Abbas, Scheherezade Junejo and Suleman Khilji. Guddo Haider curates the show, where at least 26 different art works, on varying themes are on display for the delight of art enthusiasts and critics alike. The work of Suleman […]

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