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Nazar-ul-Hasan: A promising theatre actor

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We have seen that most theatre actors, who shift to small screen or films, stand out amidst the rest and are usually better performers than their contemporaries because of the value of training theatre lends to them. Some of the names in the list include Zahid Ahmed, Sanam Saeed, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohib Mirza and […]

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Sindh Theatre Festival kicks off with fun-filled play ‘Ullu Aur Mano’ was a

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The 16-day Sindh Theatre Festival got off the ground at the Arts Council on Friday evening with a laughter-filled play, Ullu Aur Mano, a story of two young people whom strange circumstances bring together. The action takes place in the home of a bachelor who is a writer and also a worker at a bookshop. […]

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