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Eloquent Madness under way at Alliance

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KARACHI: Can madness be eloquent? According to a Shakespearean character, Polonius, from the play Hamlet, madness can have a method to it. That’s the idea the New York-born French-Italian artist Peter D Bove seems to espouse through his formidable body of work. An exhibition of his paintings and drawings titled Eloquent Madness opened at the […]

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History and fiction: ‘Pakistani writers are introspective’

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KARACHI: Author and journalist David Waterman believes that the most optimistic characteristic of contemporary Pakistani writers is their introspective approach — they see issues as lying within themselves as opposed to external interferences. Waterman expressed these views at Alliance Francaise de Karachi during a talk on his recent publication, titled ‘Where Worlds Collide: Pakistani Fiction […]

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Journey of films: the bygone days

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KARACHI: These days there’s so much talk about revival of the Pakistan film industry. For some, it did not go anywhere. It is right here, somewhat ignored, in the form of colourful, gaudy posters and photographs, reminding us of a film fraternity that once took immense pride in its extravagant form of filmmaking. Guddu Khan […]

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Karachi Inmates 2014 opens at Alliance Francaise

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KARACHI: This might sound like exaggerated praise. It is not. The ‘Karachi Inmates 2014’ exhibition which opened at the Alliance Francaise on Friday evening has some exhibits that can give a few very renowned artists of the country a run for their money. Kudos to those who have been teaching students of Central Prison Fine […]

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Short film festival opens at Alliance Francaise

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KARACHI: Screening of Students’ Short Movies & Documentaries at the Alliance Francaise, French cultural centre started here on Tuesday. All in all, six short films were screened as the audience, mainly students, filled the hall. The event was in collaboration with the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, where work of two […]

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Short film festival ends

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Peerzada Salman KARACHI: The four-day European short film festival ended at the Alliance Française on Sunday evening. The first set of half a dozen films (documentaries) was titled ‘Everything You Wanted to Know about Europe but Were Afraid to Ask’. It kicked of with an Irish documentary ‘Bye Bye Now’ directed by Aideen O’Sullivan and […]

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Karachi Inmates opens at Alliance Francaise

By: Peerzada Salman KARACHI: Kudos to all those who came up with the idea of imparting art training to prison inmates in one of the jails in the city. It’s been more than five years since an art school was started in the Karachi central jail and the kind of work that has been regularly […]

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Overlooked opens at Alliance Francaise

By: Peerzada Salman KARACHI: Apparently Quetta and Paris are two cities of this world which do not have much in common. In fact in most cases they are diametrically opposed. However, this is not how the artist community sees things. It always looks deeply into what has been overlooked or hidden from the naked eye. […]

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