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Targeting reporter in conflict zone makes it difficult to cover both sides

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KARACHI: Renowned Israeli journalist, Amira Hass, who has spent decades documenting Israeli atrocities in the occupied territories of Palestine, once remarked that it was a reporter’s “job to monitor the centres of power”. Jean-Pierre Perrin, a war correspondent for more than 30 years argued in his talk held on Tuesday at the Alliance Française that […]

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IVS students flaunt their handiwork from the ‘magical Artventure’

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KARACHI: Magic is taking something ordinary and creating something extraordinary with it. It is the stuff fairytales are made of — but who is to say fairytales cannot be designed in an art studio. When students of the Indus Valley School’s Foundation Programme started their course, they did not believe in magic. Little did they […]

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European Cinema Weekend to screen six foreign films

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To celebrate the relationship between France and Germany, the Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise de Karachi have organised the European Cinema Weekend, due to take place this coming Saturday and Sunday. According to a press release, six French and German films will be screened on November 23 at the Goethe Institute, and on November 24 […]

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