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Stories on Sita White, narcotics use,alleged affair with 21-year-old, other comments and programmes caused Imran’s annoyance: Jang, Geo Group

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KARACHI: The spokes person of the Jang/Geo Group has rejected the allegations levelled by Mr. Imran Khan against the Group and has stated that these unfounded and baseless allegations have been repeated many times and the answers to his mindless tirades are available on the Group’s website. Mr. Imran Khan seems to have taken a […]

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GEO’s response to Imran Khan’s allegations

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KARACHI: A Jang Group spokesman has given the following response to the allegations leveled by PTI chief Imran Khan in a press conference on Friday. Allegation 1: GEO rigged the 2013 elections along with Chief Justice, bureaucracy and the PML-N. GEO announced PML-N as the winner at 11:05pm when only 19% of votes had been […]

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