Shrinking space for minorities

Pakistan Press Foundation

National Minorities Day was celebrated on August 11 in order to highlight the services, sacrifices and contributions of minorities in the creation of Pakistan. Unfortunately, August 11 went by silently, except for being celebrated by the minorities themselves. The reason: our mainstream national media seemed inclined towards highlighting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan’s […]

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Ahmedis to boycott eight consecutive election

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: The upcoming elections are not the first that have been boycotted by the Ahmedis rather these are the eighth consecutive polls being boycotted by the minority community. Historically, the Ahmedis have not taken part in any election at any level after they were declared non-Muslims in the constitution in 1974. They boycotted the general […]

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Persecution: Anti-Ahmadi group targets community again

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: A group of anti-Ahmadi activists and police dragged five members of the community from an anti-terrorist court to a police station and detained them for several hours here on Tuesday. The police eventually determined that they had not broken any blasphemy or terrorism laws, as alleged, and released them without registering an FIR. The […]

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