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Sultana Daku gets a round of applause

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ISLAMABAD: Sultana Daku, a famous fictional robber belonging to the subcontinent, was brought to life in a stage drama displayed at a jam-packed room in Islamabad Club.

Audience belonging to all ages, especially youngsters, enjoyed the funny bits of the drama, and their rounds of applause encouraged the actors to further deliver their performance flawlessly.

The comedy play is a production of Purple Patch and Media City Productions with a long list of sponsors.

Usma Qazi and Mohsin Ejaz are its producers and it is written by Abdullah Farhatullah.

Though the play had only one set, the audience was not bored as the punch lines kept them entertained. Sultana Daku, his companions in crime, a character journalist and a violinist in character kept the audience busy with their witty sentences and comedy.

Renowned artist Salman Shahid, who played the role of Sultana Daku, showed his skills on the stage of Islamabad Club, and received a huge round of applause from the audience on nearly every sentence. The supporting crew was also mature and supported Salman Shahid every well.

The story revolves around Sultana Daku who is an outlawed, notorious robber who is wanted dead or alive. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. As his time draws close and police are about to find him, the robber decides to leave his previous life and recluse into retirement.

He announces that he has turned a new leaf and decides to shun his previous activities. Instead, he wants his story published in the newspapers and for this purpose, abducts a violinist and a journalist as he wants his tale to appear larger than life.

The glamour, drama and action starts.

During the interview, the bandits abduct the journalist’s wife accidentally and a series of comic events ensue.

“This will be the revival of stage dramas in the capital city. Such theatres will serve as a good entertainment opportunity for the people,” said Waqar Ahmed, a 24-year-old visitor to the play.

Fariha Mumtaz from the audience said she enjoyed the show and said such dramas spoke volumes about the presence of good talent in the country.

She said she and others enjoyed from the very beginning.

“The presence of Salman Shahid in the play is a proof that it was well written and all actors were talented,” said Mohammad Nasir.