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Suicide incidents in Pakistan

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It saddens me to point out that suicide incidents in Pakistan have reached a burning stage.
According to experts around five thousand to seven thousand people commit suicide every year in Pakistan.
The most common reasons behind it are unemployment, poverty, homelessness, deprivation of civil rights but the main reason in unemployment because no job means no money to feed yourself and family and have a roof over your head.
Moving on, corrupt government officers don’t do any work without taking bribes so people go into depression and a state of helplessness when they aren’t able to get things done.
Not to forget the state of education and healthcare is pathetic in the country so there is really not many options for the common man.
People either start doing illegal works such as looting and selling, bootlegging, smuggling, etc.
If not this, then suicide may seem the only way out.
I hope the government takes solid actions to prevent this disaster and save our beloved country’s people.
They should also create jobs and start working for the improvement of the people of this country.

Malir, October 4.

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