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Sufi music festival organised

KARACHI (July 03 2008): WWF-Pakistan’s Indus for All organised a Sufi Music Festival and an interactive theatre in Sakrand, Nawabshah in order to disseminate environmental knowledge and sensitise the general public about the environmental issues. An announcement was made by the organisation in a statement here on Wednesday.

It said the festival was organised by the Programme’s site office at Pai Forest, Nawabshah, where the Indus for All Programme is being implemented. The venue of the event was at the village Marri Jalbani, Nawabshah, situated adjacent to the Pai Forest.

During the event, which was attended by many dignitaries of the district with EDO Revenue Rashid Ahmed Zardari being the Chief Guest, the representative of the local CBO Gul Jalbani briefed the audience about the problems of the area while welcoming them.

Programme Co-ordinator of the Indus for All, Nasir Ali Panhwar, emphasised on the collective efforts of all sections of the society to tackle environmental problems and conserve natural resources.

Renowned educationist Professor Qalandar Shah Lakiyari said that everything existing in the natural environment has its own purpose and we should realise the fact that one way or the other all the living organisms are dependent on each other and their environment.

Chief guest, Rashid Ahmed Zardari, spoke about the current and future plans by the local government for the help of the locals whose livelihoods are dependent on the resources of the area.

Journalist Naz Sehto also spoke on the occasion. Later on, Mehran Research Society, a local theatre and social club, presented an interactive theatre on the environmental issues of the area focusing on the degradation of Pai Forest.

Afterwards, famous folk singer Sanam Marvi entertained the audience with sufi music containing messages on environment and living in harmony with nature. At the end of the activity, Nasir Ali Panhwar presented an Indus for All Programme shield to the folk singer. He also offered her to be the ambassador of the Indus for All Programme, which she gladly accepted.
Source: Business Recorder