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Strengthening women police system

RECENTLY the PPP government in Sindh has recruited more than 1,000 lady police constables. Such recruitment plans aim at minimising violence against women and harassment. Moreover, women can easily state their grievances to their fellow gender.

Nowadays women police personnel hold various ranks starting from constable to the superintendent of police. At present women police stations are working in Sukkur, Larkana, Hyderabad, Karachi, etc., but the condition of the police station buildings are very deplorable. Unfortunately women police stations do not enjoy the basic facilities like mobile van, proper lockups, arms, ammunition and equipment. The authorities concerned should pay attention to needs of the women police personnel. Here are some suggestions for their betterment:

– New wnomen police station buildings should be constructed.– Women police personnel should be further empowered.

– Proper education and legal guidance should be provided to women police personnel.

– Women police station should be established in every district of the province.

– Women police structure should be devolved to women police officers.

– The departmental promotion committee should meet every three years to decide on the promotion matter on the pattern followed for promotion of policemen

– Women teachers should be trained so that they are able train lady police officers.

– There should be gender sensitisation in women police officials.

– There should different allowances, e.g. house rent allowance and vehicle allowance, for women personnel.

– Day-care centres should be established to help women police personnel in their household chore.

– Duty should not exceed eight hours and job description should be defined.

– New weapons and proper training should be given to women police personnel.

It may be recalled that it was Benazir Bhutto who had inducted the system of women police stations in the country. Now we should further improve and strengthen the system to the benefit of the people.

Sindh MPA
Source: Dawn