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Street crimes and social media

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Our country is facing a lot of problems and one of them is street crimes. But no attention is given to this issue as Pakistani social media is quite busy in discussing the breakup story of Hania Amir and Asim Azhar or the wedding ceremony of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir. To feel sorry for someone or to feel happy and send them well wishes is a good deed but to make it trending all the time, and sideline more important news, is quite unfair. In fact, we have so many problems that we can highlight through social media in order to create awareness among the masses.

Street crimes such as snatching mobiles phones, stealing cars, gold ornaments, etc., are very common in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. In cities like Karachi, you will not find a single person who has never witnessed a street crime. Most citizens in Karachi have either been held up at gunpoint themselves, or have friends or family members who have gone through this terrifying nightmare. We have lost many lives for not handing over a mobile phone or wallet.

Everyday street crimes headlines appear in the news, but, sadly, no efforts have been made to overcome this disgusting issue. According to research, the people who commit such crimes are tired of prolonged poverty or joblessness and try to make ends meet by indulging in such activities. The only way to end these crimes is to teach our newer generations about them and the harms they bring through social media. Social media is a powerful platform and it could scare the culprit as well.

We should create awareness amongst the youth by telling them about the disadvantages and effects of these crimes. In this way, we are using social media responsibly. However, Karachi pertaining to its peace, security and stability has significantly improved over the past months, but true stability will be seen when the city’s roads become safe for the common man. If the crime rate is decreased, then the people of Karachi will surely live a peaceful life.


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