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State of media in Pakistan

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A LONG time ago the church was very powerful in Europe. So powerful that if anybody spoke against the priest or pastor, he was punished to the extent that his or her generations remembered. The common punishment was burning alive on the stakes.

The church used to poke its nose in all affairs, may it be social, political or religious. In fact, what they never did was reformation of mankind which was their primary job.

If anybody tried to pinpoint their own shortcomings, they knocked him off forcefully.

Finally, people revolted and the result is that today there is no political or social interference by them. Now the priest remains in his ambit, but he is deeply respected.

Our Chief Justice stood in front of a powerful ruler. He stood rightly and everybody supported him. As he started gaining power, he also started ‘interfering’ in all matters.

He tried to reform all the departments but forgot his own. The tiring result less justice has been thriving with full swing for the last so many years.

Every day we listen that the Chief Justice has ordered the production of missing persons in two weeks or putting on hold any shabby deal.

But we never hear him ordering all the courts to settle the cases in two months failing which the judges will face the consequences. He never summoned any judge of any court for any wrong decision or delay.

Today, our mighty media is a reinless horse. They ridicule anybody they like. They heroically go to any public office and show their weaknesses and wrongdoings to the whole world.

In search of ‘breaking news’, they first act then think. How unfortunate it was when they portrayed Zamurud Khan as a hero in Malik Sikandar episode. Unfortunately, the media have failed to examine their own weaknesses. Gone are the days when before a bad news sad music would be aired.

Now before and after the news of killing of 100 innocent civilians, same pompous music is played and commercials with dances throw salt on the wounds.

There is a long list but limited space. One advice to the Pakistani media: watch BBC News and see how many commercials are telecast when the anchor talks to someone on the telephone.

How many times does the anchor ask the guest to remain on line till they take a commercial break? At least I have stopped watching you.



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