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Stars and New Year resolutions for 2019

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With New Year come new challenges and new goals that one strives to achieve. As we enter 2019 today, Instep asked emerging and established artists what their biggest professional goal for 2019 is and here are their answers…

Rudoh (Bilal Nasir Khan)

Music producer, audio engineer

“I’m looking forward to scoring more feature length films and doing more Rudoh music with it.”

Ahsan Bari (Sounds of Kolachi)

“The biggest professional goal for 2019 is collaborating with Symphony Orchestra (can’t reveal which one just yet) and a lot of releases with Sounds of Kolachi, a couple of collaborations and some solo work as well.”

Hira Ali, Designer

“The biggest professional goal for 2019 is to invest further into research and development. We as a brand believe in creating original designs and using new techniques. So we will continue to grow in these departments.”

Imran Ashraf, Actor

“My professional goal for 2019 is not to disappoint my viewers and to improve my acting craft.”

Zara Noor Abbas, actor

“In 2019, I solely want to devote my energy to my craft and my loved ones. I want to strike the perfect balance between my professional and personal life. The professional goal is to completely focus on my upcoming films and all other projects in the pipeline!”

Zohaib Kazi, music producer

“It’s not related to music at all. It’s a project not meant to entertain people but serve people and contribute to the general ecosystem. The idea is to develop something that will improve the quality of life for other people. It is, in a sense, to counter the standard of living here and issues such as pollution.”

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak,

model and actor

“I want people to love my acting and I want to leave my mark as an actor. I also want an Oscar but that will take another couple of years.”

Hussain Rehar, designer

“In 2019 I will be launching a sub brand for the masses which will be off the rack, ready to wear.”

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