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Stage actor wants family theatre revived

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LAHORE: Senior film, TV and stage artiste Masood Akhtar has submitted a proposal to the Lahore Arts Council (LAC) for the revival of family theatre at Alharma devoid of dances and vulgar dialogues.

“I offer my services free of cost to train the young talent for a theatre which can be enjoyed by families as the commercial theatre being staged at Alhamra discourages the families coming to watch the theatre,” Mr Akhtar told Dawn.

He said he wanted to revive message orientated theatre from council’s platform. The LAC was not launched for commercial stage plays.
Theatre artists would train in acting, direction and script writing and each participant of a course should be charged Rs5,000.

“We just need a free venue from the council to stage plays featuring young artistes and new writers,” he said.

Mr Akhtar proposed more funds could also be generated from Artists’ Welfare Fund. The money collected from tickets could be submitted to the fund. He said the timings of family theatre had been proposed 6 to 9pm. There will be no dances in those plays and scripts, sets and acting would be given more importance.

He said senior artistes and the council were not taking interest in the revival of family theatre. “I submitted the proposal with the council one month ago and it says that to stage such theatre I should pay Rs100,000 rent,” he said.

LAC Deputy Director Programmes Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said things were under discussion. “We want the theatre to be affordable both for the producer and the council,” he said.

Mr Akhtar is a well known film, TV and stage actor who joined stage in the early 60s. He is also the member of founding team of PTV in Lahore.


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