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Speakers for adopting journalistic ethics

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Speakers at training workshop on Journalists’ safety stressed the need for adopting Standing Operative Procedures (SOPs) and journalistic ethics to avoid any unpleasant incident with media persons.

The two-day training workshop was titled “Policies, security mechanism and best practices for media,” organised by Individual and Pakistan held here at a local hotel, concluded here on Sunday.

A large numbers working journalists, students of journalism and mass communication department while Tauseeq Haider and Gul Meena Bilal Ahmad gave a detailed presentation to journalists how to perform their professional duties in any situation under journalistic ethics and in case any threat posed to them then how to secure and mitigate it by adopting some important measures.

Besides, known senior journalists including Shamim Shahid, President of Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) Saiful-Islam Saifi, Chairman Department of journalism and Mass Communication University of Peshawar (UoP) Dr Altafullah Khan and a former president KhUJ and present member of provincial assembly (MPA) Shaukat Yousafzai shared their untoward experiences while working in conflict zone.

The working journalists in the workshop expressed their grievances that they were forced to work in the volatile areas but there is no safety measures were taken by the media houses to safeguards the live of the media persons. “Life of media persons is less important than equipments”, the lamented.

The participants further said that there were news and entertainment directors appointed but no concept of security director or advisor in order to impart security measures for the working journalists before pushing them into war zone areas.

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