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Some ‘vested groups’ creating war hysteria: HRCP

LAHORE (January 04 2009): Chairperson Human Rights Commission of Commission (HRCP) Asma Jahangir on Saturday accused ‘some groups’ of creating war hysteria for their economic and vested interests in the region. Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Asma said the country was paying huge amount due to the “war mongering”.

She said people could not afford war, as they were already facing many crises such as electricity, gas and other. She claimed that these were the forces, who did not want democracy to flourish in the country. HRCP chairperson said that the commission was taking practical steps for creating awareness among the people about the disasters of war by making groups which would go in different cities to inform the people about the imminent economic and lives’ losses as a result of war.

She said HRCP was in contact with right groups in India who were working for peace there, adding that the groups would be invited to Pakistan. “After the visit the will press their government that people of both the countries are against the war,” she added.

Speaking on the occasion Director HRCP I. A Rehman said that governments of India and Pakistan should resist any temptation of violating one another’s territorial integrity and both governments must give priority to eliminate poverty, provision of food, shelter and jobs to all and ensure security of life and property of citizens.

Rehman also said that the government of Pakistan must no longer stay in a state of self-denial. “India too must bear in mind that militant groups and extremists thrive in a state of conflict and polarisation. Both governments must sincerely redouble their efforts to address the rising militant groups in the region,” he urged.

On this occasion a joint statement signed by large group of civil society organisations and concerned citizens of Pakistan was issued, which condemn the recent terrorist attack on Mumbai and extended their heartfelt condolence and sympathy to the victim families. In a statement they also condole and sympathise with the victims of terrorism in Delhi, Kabul, Swat, other parts of NWFP and Fata.

“Pakistan’s civil society is alarmed at the loss of life, denial of education to girls and large-scale displacement of civilians in Fata and Swat. The militant groups are acting without any effective challenge by the government. Regrettably, there appears to be a total absence of a cohesive policy by the government of Pakistan to protect its own citizens or any strategy to challenge militant outfits that operate with impunity within and outside the country,” the statement said.

The statement also regretted that media in both India and Pakistan failed to present the Mumbai outrage in a proper context and, instead, used the event to fuel hostility between the two countries. “Warmongers on both sides whip up a war hysteria. Quite ironically, terrorism, which should have brought India and Pakistan together to defend peace and people’s security, pushed them to the brink of a mutually destructive war. Confrontation between these two closest neighbours has never had such a puerile basis,” it added.

Source: Business Recorder